BMW M3 Wiper Blades E90/E92/E93 (2009-2013 Facelift) Replacement Wipers 2419B1

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BMW M3 Wiper Blades Replacement


Model BMW M3 (2009-2013, E90/E92/E93) Facelift
Application Front Windscreen Wipers
Wiper Arm Fitment Pinch Tab
Adaptors Type B1  (included)
Inclusion 24″ (600 mm) + 19″ (475 mm)


How to change the wiper arm adaptor?  |  How to install wipers to wiper arm?

Why Choose Adwipers? Why Aerodynamic Design For BMW M3 Wiper Blades?


How to install BMW M3 wiper blades to wiper arm?

Following are illustrations to demonstrate wiper installation on different wiper arm types.

In rear cases, if you cannot identify which one fits your vehicle, please contact us with your car wiper arm clearly showing the connection type (no need to remove wiper), we will identify and let you know the suitable one.


Frameless Wipers vs Conventional Wiper?

ADWipers replacement windshield wiper blades are frameless. Unlike conventional wiper blades, there is a built-in curve memory steel plate to distribute force evenly along the whole blade. While conventional wipers use the framework to distribute downforce. Thus, force is evenly applied, affecting the efficiency of wipes.



Why Aerodynamic Design for BMW Wiper Blades?

The Aerodynamic windscreen wipers always work efficiently and quietly. It is designed for all driving speeds, perform exceptionally well at high speeds.

adwipers-aerodynamic-wiper-cross-section  adwipers-aerodynamic-wiper-explain1

Air passes through the aerodynamic spoiler of the wiper, which produces extra downforce on the blade without the aid of any add-on parts by catching more airflow. This prevents wipers from shaking and vibrating at high-speed driving.

The wipers wear down at a slower rate, reducing maintenance costs. They are also designed for dry weather use, such as for cleaning the windscreen.

How to change the wiper arm adaptor?

If your vehicle wiper arm fitment is not J Hook/U hook/Flat type, you may need to change to another adaptor.

To remove adaptor:

To fit an adaptor:

Wiper adaptor mounting base is a symmetric design where you can fit the adaptor in both directions. Thus, when installing wipers, make sure the aerodynamic spoiler is on the upper side as the illustration shown below:

Incorrect installation of wiper bladesCorrect installation of wiper blades


Why should choose our BMW M3 wiper blades?

ADWipers replacement wiper blades adopt German wiper tech, Aerodynamic frameless/boneless design in windshield wiper blades manufacturing. Safe driving vision is assured.

  • We have a physical shop to purchase and install your BMW wiper blades.
  • Fits 99% of cars on the road, no need to worry compatibility issue. We stock 14 wiper blade adapter types to cover 99% of car models
  • Easy to install them on by yourself, save money and time to visit auto mechanics
  • A better option than wiper blade refills. All you need to do is to remove existing wipers from the wiper arm, then install our wipers according to our provided easy installation instruction illustration.
  • Wipers come with tough PVC packing individually. Rubber blades are well protected with a protection sleeve (remove before use)
  • Easy to purchase online, various payment methods including AfterPay, credit card payment via Paypal and Stripe
  • Fast shipping, 0-1 business day dispatch.
  • Best customer service you will ever experience. We respond to all email inquiries within one business day, some would be responded to within an hour.

adwipers-guarantee-1 adwipers-guarantee-2 adwipers-guarantee-3


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BMW M3 Wiper Blades | Quieter, Clearer, Last Longer, Look Better

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