ADwipers supplies the best windscreen wipers in Australia.


  1. aerodynamic design, prevent wiper blades from lifting up in high-speed driving
  2. frameless design, even force distribution, thus wiper much clearer
  3. universal fit wiper blades design allows customization of wiper length adjustment according to need
  4. easy DIY installation
  5. covers 99% of cars.

Quality Guaranteed

At ADwipers, you’ll be guaranteed product quality of our windscreen wipers, great customer service, and FREE factory fitting to ensure that your new purchase does exactly what you need it to.

Type Of Windscreen Wipers

Windscreen wiper blades have been evolving from metal frame wipers to plastic frame hybrid wipers, and now the latest aerodynamic frameless design.

Currently, the majority of European cars are fitted with aerodynamic frameless wiper blades same as ours. When those car industry leaders are using on their cars, it indicates that the aerodynamic frameless design is currently the best.

  1. Metal frame windscreen wiper blades

    commonly found in cars from 70s to 90s. These wiper blades are still common in some Japanese and Korean cars nowadays
    Metal Frame Wiper Blades

  2. Plastic Hybrid windscreen wipers

    an advanced design and upgrade version from metal frame wipers. Instead of using metal, the wiper frame is made of ABS plastic.
    Hybrid Wiper Blades

  3. Aerodynamic Frameless wiper blades

    The latest windscreen wipers design, with curved memory spring plate to provide pressure on rubber blades rather than the traditional framework, thus the pressure is more evenly spread across the wiper blade.
    Frameless Aerodynamic Wiper Blades

    Aerodynamic design with spoiler wing on the wiper blade, catching additional wind force to press the wiper on the windscreen, prevent it from lifting in high-speed driving.


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