To help you recognize the signs of blade wear, here are five major signs of wiper blade wear. These include streaking, smearing, missed area, squeaking, and juddering.

The main reason for these problems is all result of aged rubber blades. Especially under Australian weather conditions, strong UV speeds up the aging process of rubber blades on wipers. When wiper blade rubber is aged, it becomes hardened, cracked, split, and shrunk, etc. Without a smooth surface and straight blade, these common issues will occur and the following symptoms become noticeable.



When the wiper rubber blade edge is no longer sharp but rounded in shape or appearance, the wiper will smear the water across the windshield instead of wiping water off. This causes cloudy and impaired visibility.


When the wiper blade is aged, it becomes hardened, cracked due to exposure to sunlight, tree sap, and road tar, or in contact with automotive chemicals like oil, brake fluid, coolant, and road grit. These issues cause bands of water to remain on the windscreen after each wiping stroke.


The surface of the aged wiper rubber blade does not move quietly across the windshield, due to higher friction when rubber wiping over windshield glass.


When the wiper rubber blade has been exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures or extended periods of time remain un-used can cause blades to exhibit chatter. This is because the blades skip and vibrate over the windshield. A choppy wiping action is produced during wiper movement on windscreen glass.


Aged, shape damage to rubber blades can result in unwiped sections on the windscreen glass.

Damaged Wiper Arm

Machine car washes, aggressive removal of snow, and ice build-up on the windscreen can cause considerable damage to the wiper arm. The optimal wiper blade rubber shall be right-angle sitting against the windshield glass.  A damaged wiper arm could change the angle of the wiper rubber blade.

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When these symptoms appear, change your wipers immediately to avoid danger caused by poor vision.


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