Find The Right Wiper Blades For Your Car

Finding suitable wiper blades for your car is simple and easy. There are two suggested methods, measure wipers on your car, or search car model using two search tools on our website

Measure wiper blades on your car

This is the most reliable and fast method. By measuring driver and passenger side wiper blade length, you can select wiper blades according to the length close matched.


The example vehicle above is a VW Passat B8 2017. After measuring, the Driver side wiper length is 650mm (26″), Passenger wiper length is 475mm (19″). Thus, you can select wipers from our online shop, either in Single Blade, Twin Pack Wiper Set, or Wiper By Car Model sections.

Wiper By Car Model section model coverage is not as comprehensive due to the massive workload to create listings for individual car models. If you cannot find results from Fast Search, please use the Car Model Search Tool.


Wiper Search Tools

We have provided two wiper blade search tools for your convenience. Fast Search Bar and Car Model Search Tool. These two tools are available on all webpage sidebars for your convenience.




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