Type B2 Wiper Blade Adaptor (Included)

This adaptor is supplied with every High-Performance series replacement wiper blade.

Type B2 adaptor is compatible with Push Button wiper arms in 16mm and 19mm with specially designed adjustable wings. It fits 19mm Push Button wiper arm with wings as supplied. When fitting a 16mm Push Button arm, wings are required to be trimmed off before installing.

If this isn’t the wiper arm on your car, please check the full list of wiper arm adaptor types.

Attaching Adaptor to Wiper Blade

The mounting base of the ADWipers wiper blade is a symmetric design where adaptors can be fitted in LHS or RHS directions, depending on your vehicle wiper arms.

To justify if wiper blades are installed correctly, an aerodynamic wind spoiler shall be on the upper side when wipers are installed on the vehicle.

*Picture shows Type A adaptor for demonstration purpose


Detaching Adaptor from Wiper Blade



Our wiper blade mounting is a universal symmetric design, which maximizes the compatibility of our wipers on vehicle models. Thus, it is important to check the installation direction/orientation of the wiper after installing.

The wiper aerodynamic spoiler wing must be on the top side in order for the aerodynamic feature to perform properly.

Incorrect installation may not prevent the wiper blade from functioning. However, in high-speed driving, wrongly installed wiper blades may not ensure a clear vision when operating.

In case the wiper blade was installed incorrectly when the installation is completed, changing the adaptor mounting direction will resolve this issue fast.

Correct installation of wiper blades
Incorrect installation of wiper blades

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