ADwipers Rear Wiper Blade Types

Steel Frame Rear Wiper Blades
Plastic Frame Rear Wiper Blades
Plastic Frame Rear Wiper Blade
Frameless Rear Wiper Blades
Frameless Rear Wiper Blade
Slimline Rear Wiper Blades
Slimline Rear Wiper

Steel Frame

Steel frame rear wiper blades are normally found in 80s vehicles, as well as commercial vans nowadays. This type of wiper is available for J Hook/U hook fitment only. 

Upgrade existing steel frame rear wiper for a better look and less bulky rear wiper, frameless wiper is a good choice. Plastic frame rear wiper is also compatible w

18"-20" Steel Frame Rear Wiper Blades

Plastic Frame

Plastic frame rear wiper blades are very common on vehicles since 2000.  European cars have been gradually changing to slimline frameless rear wipers. The majority of Japanese and Korean cars are still using plastic frame rear wipers.

Cars with steel frame rear wiper can upgrade to this plastic frame rear wiper. 

9" - 12" Rear Wiper Blades

13" - 16" Rear Wiper Blades


Frameless rear wiper blades are a great upgrade option for cars with steel frame rear wipers.  This frameless wiper can replace the steel frame rear wiper without any modification. Just remove the old steel frame wiper, and fit this frameless wiper for a better & modern look.

To upgrade vehicles originally fitted with plastic frame rear wiper shall go for our Crystal Series slimline frameless rear wiper.

Frameless Slimline (Crystal Series)

Crystal series rear wiper blades are frameless slimline design replacement beam wipers. With universal design, not only it fits vehicles with original slimline wipers, vehicles with similar style of our HP series rear wiper blades can upgrade to slimline wipers as well.


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