ADwipers wiper blades adopt universal fit adaptors to suit different wiper arms.

J Hook/U Hook is the most popular wiper arm type, estimated to be 70% and more car models using this wiper arm fitment. Type A adaptor is for this wiper arm type and fitted on wiper blades as default adaptor.

All our High-Performance series wiper blades are supplied with 8 adaptor types covering over 90% of car models. With additional 6 optional adaptors, our wipers are compatible with 99% of cars you may find.




Adaptor A
Adaptor B1
Adaptor B2
Adaptor B2A
Adaptor B3
Adaptor B4
Adaptor B5
Adaptor B6
Adaptor B8
Adaptor C
Adaptor E
Adaptor F
Adaptor G
Adaptor X1
Adaptor X2

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