Glass Cleaning Tablets

ADwipers Glass cleaning tablets are made for automotive glass cleaning and lubrication, allowing smooth and quiet wipe strokes of your car wipers.

Each tablet can make up to 4 litres of glass cleaning solutions. For the best result, drop one tablet into the car wiper spray water tank, and fill it up with water. 

ADwipers Glass Cleaner Tablets

Step 1

Open the wiper water tank lid and remove the strainer (if any).

Step 2

Drop one Glass Cleaner Tablet into the water tank

Step 3

Fill up the water tank with clean water 

Step 4

Put the strainer back (if any)

Step 5

Close the lid securely.


It will take approx 10-15 mins to completely dissolved.

Complimentary in every front wiper blade order

All our front wiper blade orders come with a complimentary pack of 2 tablets. You may purchase additional tablets. We suggest users put one tablet into the car wiper water tank for every refill (at least 3/4 empty).

If you always refill the wiper water tank before it runs empty, apply a glass cleaner tablet once per two refills to avoid excessive concentration of the cleaner solution.

Household Glass Cleaning Application

Our Glass Cleaner Tablets can also be used for household glass cleaning. However, the concentration shall be higher than automotive glass cleaning.

How to make :

  1.  take a used and cleaned 1.25L soft drink bottle, fill it up with clean water to 5cm below the top
  2. drop one glass cleaner tablet into the bottle and let it dissolve naturally (Do not close the lid while the tablet is dissolving when minimal non-toxic gas will be released) 
  3. When the tablet is dissolved completely, transfer to a spray bottle ready to use. 
  4. Close the cap and keep the rest for the next refill.


Concentration Ratio

For automotive glass cleaning, one table to 3-4 liters is desired. 

For household use, one tablet to 1-1.5 liters is ideal.


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