Standard Warranty

All wiper blades are covered by One Year Warranty against material defects and workmanship, excluding damages, intentional and unintentional, abuse & misused, and abnormal worn & tear.


Abnormal worn & tear may include:

  1. lack of proper maintenance
  2. operating wipers in an abnormal condition
  3. user negligence
  4. using wiper other than its designated purpose
  5. self-modification of any part of the wiper


Warranty Terms:

  1. the warranty covers a maximum of the purchase amount
  2. no consequential loss & damage, indirect loss & damage is covered, implied, or explicitly expressed
  3. all warranty claim must be accompanied by a valid invoice showing the date of purchase, seller, and purchase price.
  4. warranty is not transferable
  5. replacement under warranty does not extend the original warranty period
  6. all warranty claim must be done via email with supporting photos to show the issue of the claim



  1. The warranty covers issues resulted from defective materials and parts of the product.
  2. Damages, intentional or accidental, are not covered under the product warranty
  3. Returning cost is on the buyer’s account during the warranty period, if the buyer elects to return by post. We accept direct return & exchange in our factory location.
  4. We cover the delivery cost of replacement for the approved warranty claim.



100% Fitment Guarantee

We guarantee product fitment with the following conditions:

  1. Purchase was made from a model-specific listing where length and adaptor type is specified by car model
  2. Purchase was made based on our suggestion in writing after the correct car model/built/mark was provided by the buyer
  3. Wiper blade length exceeds the limitation of application[1]


[1] Wiper blade length is suggested based on the applicable length range. They could be slightly different from the OEM configuration. The applicable length refers to an acceptable length range within 2″ (50mm) over or under from OEM configuration, and without hitting the car window frame. Wiper blades are considered compatible with the vehicle when the wiper length is within the applicable length range.


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