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Do you need to replace your wiper blades? Order replacement Audi wiper blades from ADWipers today.

Premium aftermarket Audi wiper blades by ADWipers enhance your driving experience thanks to their aerodynamic design. Enjoy a clearer vision on the road in any weather conditions with our high-performing Audi wipers.

Why Choose Audi Wiper Blades by ADWipers

Here is why customers love our quality Audi replacement wipers:

High Performance

Say goodbye to wipers lifting on the highway or in windy conditions! Our wipers’ aerodynamic design ensures perfect coverage in any speed or weather.

Low Noise

Forget about squeaking or annoying noises when you switch your wipers on. Enjoy a quiet drive with our premium wipers.

Wide Range of Wiper Blades

Thanks to our unique ClickSwap system, wiper blades by ADWipers fit virtually any Audi model. We offer wiper blade sizes ranging from 13″ to 28″.

ADWipers: Aerodynamic Audi Wiper Blades

No more streaks, smears, or skipped areas: Audi wiper blades by ADWipers offer better visibility, higher driving safety, and outstanding durability in any weather conditions.

ADWipers customers enjoy excellent value for money, fast order processing, and quick, reliable shipping. Place your order today.

Contact ADwipers if you could not find the right wipers for your car model, consult your vehicle user manual from the vehicle manufacturer to find the OEM wiper blade sizes, or simply measure the wiper blade length on your car and purchase from twin pack wiper blades by length section.

Can I use different wiper sizes?

If you know what you are doing, you do not have to follow the exact sizes as suggested in your car user manual, as long as wipers are operating within the windscreen area, and make sure you get the adaptor that matches the wiper arm type.

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Search by Vehicle

No Time? | Don't Know How?

On-site replacement service (Selected Suburbs in VIC)

  • No time to visit an auto mechanic shop?
  • don’t want to waste time waiting in the auto mechanic shop for wiper blade replacement?
  • not confident to Do-It-Yourself, avoid damaging windscreen accidentally?
  • don’t want to get your hands dirty?

With replacement AUDI wiper blades by ADwipers, no more skipping, smearing, streaking & squeaking wiper operation anymore.


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Advanced Frameless Aerodynamic Wiper Blades

Quieter, Clearer, Last Longer, Look Better

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