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Windscreen wipers play a significant role in your safety by keeping the glass clean, clear, and free of visibility issues.

The best way to stay safe while driving on the road is to ensure that your vehicle is prepared for all weather conditions. Over time, the rubber on your Holden Wiper Blades will eventually show signs of damage and you will need to replace them.

You could settle for a substandard car wiper replacement, but why not choose Holden Wiper Blades from ADwipers? Our aerodynamically designed premium wiper blades are super quiet, incredibly durable, and highly efficient. Our high-performance Windscreen Wipers perform well at high driving speeds and won’t lift off the glass in severe weather.

Ideally, you should replace your Holden Wiper Blades at least twice a year before the blades deteriorate enough to leave streaks and smears on your windscreen. If the material on your wipers show even the slightest cracks from excessive sun exposure, you may be putting your visibility at risk when the wipers are in use.

As a proud supplier of the best wiper blades in Australia, ADwipers has a wide range of car wipers for you to browse to fit your model, make, and series. Our website has more than 10 wiper adaptors to ensure that you can confidently install our Holden Wiper Blades for the best windscreen coverage.

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Search by Vehicle

No Time? | Don't Know How?

On-site replacement service (Selected Suburbs in VIC)

  • No time to visit an auto mechanic shop?
  • don’t want to waste time waiting in the auto mechanic shop for wiper blade replacement?
  • not confident to Do-It-Yourself, avoid damaging windscreen accidentally?
  • don’t want to get your hands dirty?

With replacement HOLDEN wiper blades by ADwipers, no more skipping, smearing, streaking & squeaking wiper operation anymore.


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Advanced Frameless Aerodynamic Wiper Blades

Quieter, Clearer, Last Longer, Look Better

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