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Nissan Wiper Blades and Windscreen Wipers

ADwipers has brought German engineering to life in a sleek, frameless form that is wind and speed resistant.

Our premium wiper blades fit 99% of all Nissan vehicles and are compatible with the ClickSwap Systems. However, high performance is what makes our Nissan Wiper Blades the best wiper blades in Australia.


Typically, new wiper blades tend to go bad within six months. Usually, it’s because traditional Nissan Wiper Blades have between six to eight points of pressure that unevenly clean a windscreen. Over time, the frame causes certain parts of the wiper to bend upwards, creating more streaks than usual.

Although experts suggest changing your wipers twice a year. This is not an urgency with ADWipers’ blades. Our aerodynamic windscreen wipers distribute pressure evenly, making them durable as well as increasing the longevity and overall quality of our blades.


They are also more durable due to their frameless design. Traditional wipers use frames with bones connected to each pressure point, creating more moving parts. These fragile pieces are susceptible to breakage, unlike ADwipers that use a frameless body and a single steel beam.

For high-quality Nissan wiper blades that enhance the view from your windscreen, contact AeroDynamic Wipers at (03) 9078 8824 or order online today!

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No Time? | Don't Know How?

On-site replacement service (Selected Suburbs in VIC)

  • No time to visit an auto mechanic shop?
  • don’t want to waste time waiting in the auto mechanic shop for wiper blade replacement?
  • not confident to Do-It-Yourself, avoid damaging windscreen accidentally?
  • don’t want to get your hands dirty?

With replacement NISSAN wiper blades by ADwipers, no more skipping, smearing, streaking & squeaking wiper operation anymore.


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Advanced Frameless Aerodynamic Wiper Blades

Quieter, Clearer, Last Longer, Look Better

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