Nowadays, the majority of vehicle manufacturers abandoned conventional wiper design, and switch to the frameless design. The frameless wiper is also called beam wiper, flat wiper, etc.

Frameless Aerodynamic Wiper Blades

There are always reasons for car manufacturers to abandon the traditional metal frame wipers and change to frameless aerodynamic design. The following illustration explains why frameless wipers are better.

Frameless Wipers vs Conventional Wipers


Benefits of aerodynamic design

The advanced aerodynamic structure secures the wiper blades on windscreen glass, preventing them from lifting up while driving at high speed. Airflow goes through the aerodynamic spoilers on our premium wiper blades, producing extra force and pressing the blades down evenly on the windscreen. This implies more clear and complete wipe in every stroke.

Aerodynamic design commonAerodynamic design common  


Features of our premium replacement wiper blades

  1. Frameless Design:
    Traditional wipers are framed design with either metal or plastic framework to distribute force over the whole blade length at multiple force points. Our frameless wiper design allows force to be distributed to any point, a lot more evenly distributed of force for better wipes and clear driving vision.
  2. Aerodynamic Structure:
    Built with a spoiler, it serves just like the rear spoiler on racing cars, to catch wind force while driving to ensure the wiper stays on the windscreen rather than lifting by airflow while driving at high speed.
  3. Quiet Operation:
    High quality, 100% natural rubber blade coated with Teflon formula, smooth straight blade makes our wiper blade operate quietly, with lab testing showing only a mean value of 41db.
  4. Universal Fitment:
    Our wipers are with a universal design to fit 99% of vehicles. By swapping the fitment adaptor on the wiper blade, it will fit different vehicles like OEM wipers.
  5. Easy to Install:
    By purchasing our wiper blades package, wiper blades are all pre-configured to suit the vehicle model you have selected. Unpack our wiper blades package and you are ready to replace your old wipers with our modern, frameless aerodynamic design wiper blades.




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